Software development

Software development

Software development is carried out according to clear technical algorithms aimed at maintaining the performance of the entire system. This complex process consists of a number of sequential actions, thanks to which an effective product will be created. Modern technologies make it possible to develop software for any business needs, which greatly facilitates the implementation of most of the necessary operations.

What tasks software development solves

  • implementation of individual CRM systems and a variety of IT services;
  • improves communication within departments;
  • makes cloud technologies available;
  • allows the processing of large amounts of data;
  • improves data storage security;
  • automates processes and optimizes material and intellectual resources.


Cloud integrated development environment, or IDE

  • makes it possible to write and run program code only if you have a browser;
  • mobile application development;
  • supports the most popular programming languages;
  • ability to clone code;
  • intellectual autocompletion;
  • system debugging and error search.

Multifunctional tools for design development and implementation

  • rapid prototyping;
  • easy development of the user interface and ensuring its uninterrupted operation;
  • flexible system for implementing large-scale ideas;
  • makes it easy to implement complex design elements;
  • provides a diverse set of tools for creative activities.

Tools for automating the launch of applications and microservices

  • simplify software deployment, regardless of the number of servers;
  • automate the processes of launching text and binary files;
  • eliminate the need to configure and install additional programs;
  • simplify the configuration of applications;
  • compatible with most operating systems.

Data processing platforms

  • allow you to connect to a large number of storage systems;
  • automatically identify information, eliminating the need to write formatting settings;
  • ability to optimize data;
  • integration of a diverse library via code APIs;
  • availability of a huge number of built-in functions.

Platforms for prototyping and documents

  • the ability to work together on code;
  • work with different databases;
  • create and maintain a library of widgets;
  • flexible options for creating prototypes and frameworks;
  • optimization of work on the code without additional elements.

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