Marketing consulting and research

Marketing consulting and research

We will help you to identify the main economic, personnel, technological or organizational problems of your company and together we will outline the ways to solve them.

This service may also be relevant if you want to make an analysis and to have actual data of the market or your company, to change the direction of the company, adjust the marketing strategy, win a new audience or introduce a new product to the market.

What tasks marketing consulting and research solves

  • determination of the potential capacity of the market;
  • determination of promising products and services;
  • market growth rate calculation;
  • analysis and optimization of internal business processes;
  • customer needs identification;
  • сreating a new situation for the transition of business to a qualitatively different level;
  • building or fine-tuning the organization’s management mechanisms;
  • introduction of new promising techniques in company management;
  • development of recommendations to optimize external contacts;
  • determination of the optimal pricing policy.


Business performance analysis

Evaluation of the economic efficiency of the business includes a detailed analysis of the management of:

  • production processes;
  • marketing and sales;
  • logistics;
  • promotion;
  • finance, economics, investment, etc.

Internal audit

To determine possible ways to reorganize the internal environment of the company an analysis of its financial and economic activities is carried out and recommendations for:

  • cost optimization;
  • profitability increase;
  • increase in financial turnover;
  • used technologies and tools;
  • accelerating the production cycle.

Advertising effectiveness analysis

Analysis of the effectiveness of promotions and advertising campaigns is carried out on several criteria:

  • evaluating the profitability of the advertising channels used;
  • checking the target audience segments coverage;
  • content audit of advertising messages;
  • study of the impact of advertising based on consumer surveys;
  • defining metrics to track the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

Market research

  • the leading players of the market;
  • their strengths, weaknesses, and success factors are identified;
  • determination of the volume, capacity and structure of the market;
  • analysis of foreign trade supplies;
  • identification of market development trends;
  • market development forecasting.

Consumer research

  • consumer preferences research;
  • determination of supplier selection criteria;
  • NPS index measurement;
  • brand awareness analysis;
  • creating a portrait of the target audience.

Business processes optimization

To solve the tasks of optimizing the company’s work, all business processes involved in the production of the final product are carefully analyzed, weak links in the chain of interaction between departments are found, bottlenecks are identified that limit the growth of productivity and nullify attempts to change the most obvious parameters of the company.

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