Corporate identity

Corporate identity

Corporate identity – this is what distinguishes a company from many others in the market, this is its uniqueness, “schtick”. And it’s not limited to a logo or corporate colors, it also takes into account the values of the business, its culture, mission, and goal. Corporate identity is one of the key factors that shape the company as a whole. And its presence or absence does not depend on the type of activity and scale of business, corporate identity reflects the identity and desire to stand out for the client.

What tasks corporate identity solves

  • create a sense of unity of purpose between customers and the company;
  • increase advantage over competitors;
  • draw attention to new products;
  • increase the level of service provided;
  • to form a positive brand perception by the audience.


Web design

  • development of the layout and structure of the sites;
  • visual design, bringing to a single style;
  • development of the application and integration of its functionality with the site;
  • ensuring the website usability;
  • writing the software part of the resource.

Corporate design

  • logo development;
  • determination of corporate fonts, colors and their semantic load;
  • fixing the brand name and logo in the technical documentation with the indication of all the parameters and rules of use;
  • design of offices in a unified style with the use of corporate colors;
  • use of common elements for the development of packaging or for the presentation of products.

Social media design

  • analysis of competitors' visual strategy;
  • choosing a single goal for the maintenance of social media pages;
  • adhering to the same theme for all platforms;
  • developing and following a content plan;
  • analysis of pages in terms of their usefulness and user-friendliness.

Visual identity

  • allows you to increase brand recognition; 
  • includes the development of naming and slogan;
  • increases brand loyalty;
  • increases the effectiveness of the implementation of promotional tools;
  • demonstrates a unified visual line for all products and services of the company.


  • includes the rules for the use of brand elements;
  • regulates the format of use of the logo and brand name;
  • enshrines the corporate identity on a legal level;
  • prevents the possibility of intellectual property theft;
  • streamlines external attributes as well as the company's mission and values.

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