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About Us

About us

CK Management DWC-LLC – full-service marketing company with extensive research experience and project management.

We solve different complexity tasks using creative approaches and new technologies. With our partners we offer a full range of research, also develop marketing strategies that help our clients to bring their products to the next level. 

Working with us you gain the team focused on your goal, helping to transform your business into a digital success and boost ROI.

Our goal

To find and provide relevant and reliable information,

based on which you can get a complete picture of the current market situation and trends in its development in the near future.

Every research is a unique task

Experience of our specialists and partners convinces us that each market research is a unique task. And that is why the most effective is the joint work on the parameters of forthcoming market research of customers both by representatives of the company-customer and agency specialists. The customer can help to understand the specifics of the market, to describe expectations from marketing research, to tell about goals of the company. Leading specialists of the company can share the experience of solving similar tasks in other markets and suggest the most effective “keys” in this situation.

Team of professional employees

The main component of our success is a team of professional employees, each of whom contributes to the common cause.


The operational work on your order will be done by managers and analysts. These are people with several dozen similar projects under their belt. They are ready at any moment to use their unique experience and rich arsenal of tried and tested methods to get the information your business needs.

Let’s discuss about how we can help make your business better