Digital marketing

Digital marketing

Digital marketing provides modern tools for solving business problems of varying complexity. Digital tools help to effectively promote projects in the ecommerce sector, focusing on ROI. Thanks to innovative approaches digital marketing allows you to market new brands, scale, and grow.

What tasks digital marketing solves

  • preparation and implementation of a marketing strategy; 
  • development of project design and marketing materials for it;
  • selection of tools and mechanisms for digital marketing;
  • implementation of email marketing tools;
  • automation of processes with the help of CRM systems;
  • systematization of the work of copywriters;
  • SEO promotion.



  • introduces the client to the offer when entering the desired query into the search engine;
  • allows you to interest a large number of users of social networks;
  • Involves in interaction through various promotion channels;
  • can quickly induce the client to cooperate.

Email newsletter

  • increases the loyalty of the target audience;
  • introduces current customers to new promotions and discounts;
  • draws attention to a particular product;
  • prepares the ground for the introduction of new products;
  • informs about personalized offers.

CRM system

  • automates external and internal processes;
  • increases control over the implementation of project tasks;
  • simplifies interaction with clients;
  • optimizes internal approaches for running operations;
  • allows you to choose the ideal model of unit management.

SEO promotion

  • increases the position of the site in search results;
  • allows you to attract traffic to the resource;
  • improves the quality of the filling of the site and its content;
  • helps to increase user confidence in the resource;
  • increases the level of trust of search engines to the site.

Marketing strategy

  • includes the goals and objectives of the promotion and business as a whole;
  • makes the use of digital tools more structured;
  • optimizes the cost of promotion;
  • allows you to evenly distribute working resources for different tasks;
  • helps to meet deadlines and move in the chosen direction.

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